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Benefits of Ovation...

Large company hiring tools for a business of any size

Ovation supports the complete hiring function. Ovation allows any business to compete toe-to-toe with big companies for top employees.

Hire like the pros do

Ovation uses the same sources that staffing companies do, leveraging social networks and in-house referrals to get superior results. In fact, by running a continuous Ovation job post, a company can always have a fresh and ready pool of potential hires, ranked by candidate qualifications.

Pricing advantage

Ovation provides a totally automated hiring platform, which dramatically reduces the cost of delivery. There is never a commitment, buy only what you need.

Try Ovation with a Free 30 day job posting and no continuing obligations

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What others are saying...

"This was by far the best platform we have used to find new people. I've already recommended Ovation to others. I definitely look forward to using Ovation again."

Paul Marek,

"We were able to leverage your new tool as a nice dashboard for vetting candidates. It has the potential to be large scale."

Sean Nolan,

"In the end, it brought me the perfect candidate, who we hired."

Al Karnavicius,