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Ovation Mobile Application

Keep Track of Job Postings
Track how many applicants you have for each of your job postings. See candidate counts, drill into any candidate and see his/her rating. Got a new five star candidate? Why wait to connect to her? Use the Ovation mobile app to call her and start the interview process!
Connect to Candidates
Use the Ovation app to send emails or text messages to your candidates from your phone. You are just one click away whenever you want to call, text, or email a candidate.

Invite New Candidates
Meet a new candidate while you are out and about? No problem, just open the Ovation mobile app, pull up the job posting, and send the candidate an invitation to apply for the job. Talking to a tech savvy candidate? Have her use her cell phone to scan a job posting's QR code right off of your phone.
It's just that easy!

Review Applications
Why wait to see your candidate's resume? Ovation will notify you as soon as a new candidate applies, and you can pull up the candidate's application, including a full resume, right on your phone!