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Job Posts

Create a job posting from scratch, use past postings, or choose editable job descriptions from the Ovation library. Ovation helps you broadcast your job postings to social networks, job boards, and other sites.

Candidate Ratings

Applicants are ranked according to suitability on the candidate page of the application. Choose candidates to eliminate, to further consider or to hire from the candidate page.

Mobile Application

Use the Ovation mobile app to track your open job postings and review candidate applications as soon as they are submitted. Contact your candidates via phone, email, or text message -- right from the app!
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Task Management & Recruiting Calendar

Schedule tasks, events and reminders to the Ovation calendar and automatically to your Google calendar. Quickly create and schedule tasks and reminders.


Automatically prepare and send pre-populated documents, such as W-4, I-9, W-9, Direct Deposit forms, New Hire Information, as well as your own documents, directly to new employees for completion and submission back to you.

Background Screening

Order actionable criminal background screenings, transmit approval documents to candidates and receive results all from within the application.