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Who is Ovation Technologies

Ovation Technologies is a software company focused on providing small to medium sized businesses with easy to use, effective and inexpensive web and mobile applications. Founded by a team of seasoned HR and IT professionals with a strong background in developing large enterprise-class solutions, as well as first hand experience in running small and large businesses, the Ovation team is bringing their expertise to fill a void in tools available to small businesses.

The company has developed a software platform with capabilities to deliver integrated tools for small businesses that provide just the right mix of features that are important to them. In the future we will be adding additional tools to the platform as we complete their development. Ovation Technologies strives to become a go-to destination for businesses to get services that make being an employer easy and efficient.

The company’s first product is social recruiting, background screening and on-boarding tool Ovation. Ovation makes it easy and affordable for any business to leverage the power of the Internet and social media and mobile devices to post jobs, perform background checks and deliver new hire paperwork to compete with businesses of any size.